Exposure To heat brings a lot of damage on conveyor belts.
High working temperature accelerates the aging process, which causes the rubber to harden and crack

Heat’s Effect on Belts
Heat-exposed rubber becomes harder and less elastic, resulting in lower operational strength, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. Tensile strength, and the elongation-at-break values fall by as much as 40% or more. Global Conveyor Technology Heat Resistant belts have been designed to specifically tolerate such harsh thermal stresses.

Choosing Right Belt for Your Need
Heat resistant belt choices are made based in the belt surface temperature. Belt surface temperature is different from the maximum material temperature, due to the cooling down along the belt line surface temperature.

depends on the following points:
Grain size of the transported material & Length of the conveyor line & Ambient temperature & The existence of the ventilation .

The following graph can be used for the right choice of the heat resistant belts. For more precise information, please contact .Our sales engineers


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