Grease, vegetable/mineral oil or solvents of the transported material bring damages on standard belts, which will result in swelling and distort. Oil/grease penetration on the belt will decrease tensile strength, abrasion resistance and adhesion specs of the belt. Such operational problems will cause the belt to wear at a faster pace or curl in reverse.

Global Conveyor Technology Oil Resistant Conveyor Belts are designed specifically for conveying materials which are impregnated with hydrocarbons, mineral oils, animal vegetable oils, and fats.

In general, oil resistance in belting is categorized into two groups of oil sources: Animal vegetable Oils and Mineral Oils.

Global Conveyor Technology oil resistant conveyor belts are available with 4 possible covers, with the two including flame resistance properties.


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Areas of Application:

• Chemical industry • Fertilizer industry  • Iron and steel industry  • Grain silo  • Glass industry  • Wood, Paper & Pulp   •industry Recycling industry 

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